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Inspire-Light Com’ & Marketing Agency is a full-service creative and design agency focused on partnering with corporate and non-profits structures.

Our teams provide valuable creative insights and guidance for our clients, most often starting before the creative projects are even determined. We find our value is most utilized by being present with our clients early on and often – many times consulting as a stand-in communications or creative director for those clients who don’t have staff dedicated to these roles.

For clients with a full creative staff, we often act as project or mission-based consultants. We arrive early to discuss the vision, the objectives of the project, and the measurable outcomes – ending with the best possible creative plan.

Inspire-Light Com’ & Marketing Agency provides its clients with a full service creative team of over 100 creative professionals.

Our services include graphic design, publication layout (in all languages – and more), animation, illustration, photography, film & video, illustration, web design & development, logo design, event design and creative, and overall creative project consulting to help our clients launch projects successfully.

Our process

When it comes to building your business, there’s nothing more important than having a clear brand proposition – as well as the expertise to promote it.

We can help you to define a distinct brand proposition that will solidify and develop your market and your objectives.

The rise of mobile technology means that your audience has never been closer. Whether by smartphone, tablet, or even a good old-fashioned desktop, we’ve got a track record of creating ingenious digital media campaigns that deliver incredible brand engagement.

We’ve been developing successful advertising campaigns for over 20 years.

By putting your audience at the centre of your campaign, we develop the Big Idea that will achieve the greatest cut-through for your brand.

Why Is Graphic Design Important For Your Marketing Strategy?

Content needs a graphic designer’s work – font variation, colors, visual hierarchy, anything and everything that catches the eye. Otherwise, your audience is just looking at a Word doc. Boring.

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We’re big thinkers. Idea generators.
Driven to impact the marketplace with creative solutions designed to engage.
Graphic design services we offer
Logo design / Corporate identity, business cards, letterheads, envelopes design / Design of catalogs, brochures, leaflet, flyers, posters / Hôtel & Restaurant menus, food packaging wrapping and labeling graphic design / Book cover design, magazine design / Illustration design