Non Government Organisations (NGOs), charities and third sector organisations play an essential role in both society and the world around us – these are the organisations that help shape a better place for us all to live in.

As a sub-branch of Inspire-Light Com’ & Marketing Agency, sro NGOs Agentúra Slovensko provides specific Consultancy Services for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profit Compagnies and other types of organizations involved in social work across the country.

Our team of specialists & experimented consultants have been providing consultancy services related to NGOs, Social Welfare Schemes and Social Work since 10 years.

NGOs Agentúra Slovensko offers services to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-profit compagnies and other types of organizations involved in social work across the country.

The NGO Consulting Services include:

  • NGOs Registration/Application,
  • Support for NGOs Funding,
  • Support in NGOs Grants Writing,
  • Draw Project Proposals for funding,
  • Development of the NGOs Funding Projects for grant approval,
  • Documentations,
  • Projects Management / Implementation work.

NGOs Agentúra Slovensko has been creating networking between social activists, social workers, volunteers, social groups, NGOs, support agencies and supporters.

NGOs Agentúra Slovensko is managing the “Grants Writing, Tenders/call for  Registration/Applications & Fundraising Project Management” of Inspire-Light Com’ & Marketing Agency located in Bratislava.

Its team of specialists focus on identifying and meeting donor needs as a means to develop outstanding fundraising strategies and materials. We look to work with likeminded clients who share our ethos. We are independent and committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

At NGOs Agentúra Slovensko a lot of effort goes into sharing the joy of giving with those privileged enough to help, as that’s how we can bring small charities and the public closer together. Attracting donors who are likely to support our clients for the long-term.

Our approach relies on aligning the strengths and capabilities of our clients, with what donors want to give to. Offer, technique and a deep rooted understanding of donors come together, to create great fundraising.

We help clients to smash their fundraising & grants targets

Our range of services is born from our obsession with data. Our clients have the unique opportunity to mix-and-match from over 20 products to create a cost-effective strategy suited to their business objectives.

There many funding options and opportunities for the real NGOs who are already working for Social Development, Social Welfare and on Social issues having remarkable profile to prove that they can run the projects and programmes after getting funds from Government, Funding agencies, Funding partners and People.

We would like to provide you information and knowledge regarding NGO Fund raising, Process to get Projects with Funds, Process to prepare projects, process to implement projects and programmes and process to prepare documents for various projects, activities, programmes and profiles.

If you want to get Funds or apply for Grants, Help & Support for your NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), then just send us a request.

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Are you a small non-profit organisation (NGO), a caritative structure that needs to build its communications and marketing platforms from scratch? Or an established organization that is looking to refresh its brand with new messaging and a new look?

NGOs Agentúra Slovensko specialties include

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Global Strategy – Monitoring – Professional Fundraising Consultants & European Grant Writers – 2% Campaign Development & Management – Website – Digital & Social Marketing – Social Event Promotion.

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